VetNova Announces Launch of US Affiliate VetNova Animal Health LLC

Olathe, KS – July 7, 2021: VetNova announces the launch of its US affiliate, VetNova Animal Health LLC., serving veterinarians in the USA. The Olathe based facility will also function as the North and South American headquarters. VetNova began in Spain in 2007 and is now present in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

VetNova operates under four fundamental priorities: Innovation and Quality, Customer Service, Our People and Social Responsibility.

The number one priority is the quality, efficacy, and safety of its products. The Small Animal catalog is made up of more than 60 products that offer solutions within everyone’s reach, in the areas of Dermatology, Renal/Urinary, Convalescence/Recovery, Senior Care, Behavior, Odontology, Neurology, Muscular-skeletal, Digestive/Hepatic, Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Wellness. Look for the Equine Catalog to be launched shortly. VetNova believes that the best product is the one that, in addition to contributing to the improvement of the animal’s health, can be administered easily, without causing added stress and without affecting the human-animal bond. This forces the company to be in constant evolution, always listening to the client’s needs to develop the most innovative products and improve the product profile every year.

VetNova’s second priority are its clients, from veterinarians to distributor partners, to pet parents. And at the top of this chain, the company values the job that veterinarians and their professional teams do every day for the health and wellbeing of all animals. It is always “think veterinarian-first” in its major decisions, from seeking their input for product development, to setting the right commercial policies to guarantee utmost respect for the critical role they play in the recommendation and use of these products.

Another great pillar of VetNova is the human quality of its People. As a diverse team (more than 75% of the staff are women, and the company proudly employs minorities at risk of exclusion and people of all abilities), but above all, its employees are hardworking people who are passionate about doing things well and improving every day.

VetNova is aware of its responsibility as a company to make this a better world and the impact that its the decisions and actions, no matter how small, have on the surroundings and the environment. The commitment to respect and care for the Environment has led VetNova to establish sustainable work practices, such as reusing, reducing and recycling materials or switching from conventional to low emission car fleets. Finally, a firm Social commitment has led VetNova, for years, to allocate a percentage of sales to a growing number of NGOs and contribute to financing the great work they do.