Multiplying Your Patients’ Fall Visits

Dogs and cats ask for so little and deserve so much.

When your clients present their dog and cat companions to you during this busy season, whether for vaccinations or sterilization, you and your team will take the opportunity to educate them on how their animals can best manage for the coming winter. Besides the usual cautions on protection from the cold, avoidance of antifreeze and toxic indoor plants, you and your team can evaluate their individual needs and recommend products to meet those needs.

Does Dusty, the long-haired cat tend to fluff out during this time of the year with more hair and even more hairballs? Perhaps this is a good time for her to start a hairball supplement. Is Bud, the active Lab a bit more painful in his joints and not as active as before? Perhaps he needs a supplement for joint care and wellness. What about Nicky, the Bichon who needs a professional dentistry. After that, her owner will appreciate a dental supplement for halitosis and maybe a water additive. Of the three cats in a household, Trillium is the one who cannot seem to put on weight, so he could benefit from a supplement with l-lysine to boost his immune system. We all know about dogs like Cookie, the Cocker who seems to get ear infections very easily. Help her owner keep those ears clean and fresh.

Furthermore, as you and your team discuss the importance of adequate nutrition with your clients, you may find that some patients need extra vitamins and minerals during this time. All animals can get iron deficiency. Usually, animals obtain enough iron from their diet. No matter the source of iron, sometimes the body consumes more iron than usual or cannot absorb what is available. Dogs and cats who are recovering from chronic diseases or from injury or surgery can benefit from iron containing supplements. Also pregnant, nursing, and active senior animals could use some iron support. Active senior dogs and cats are especially prone to low iron levels due to metabolic changes and sometimes lack of appetite. These animals in their golden years deserve special care.

Be sure to check out our available supplements that are best for your patients because they really do ask for so little yet deserve so much to keep them in their top condition.