ABELIA® TrisOtic

ABELIA® TrisOtic


Safe and Effective Otitis Management.

Helps Fight Antibiotic and Azole Resistance Antimicrobial, alkalizing, chelating, and non-stinging otic solution for pets.

First line of defense against bacterial conditions that disrupt microorganism biofilm, to prevent recurrence and to manage bacterial chronic conditions.

Product description:

  • pH 8 – Alkalizing – Chelating.
  • First line non-antibiotic therapy for non-complicated bacterial infections.
  • Antibiotic and azole free:
    • Controls simple otitis without antibiotics, helping fight resistance.
    • Helps rationalize the use of antibiotics, preserving their efficacy.
  • Synergistic effect:
    • EDTA – Chelating action:
      • Increases Gram negative bacterial membrane permeability.
      • Increases bacterial antibiotic sensitivity.
    • Tromethamine - Alkaline buffer:
      • Potentiates antibiotic action.
      • Potentiates the chelating action of EDTA.
  • Benzyl Alcohol - Usually used as a preservative due to its antiseptic activity against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.
  • Scent free, non-staining and non-sticking formula.
  • Safe:
    • Very low incidence of post-application discomfort.
    • Non-Ototoxic - Safe for use with perforated tympanic membrane.
    • Safe for frequent and long-term use and maintenance.
  • Aqueous base:
    • Good distribution, even in stenotic or narrowed ear canals.
    • Does not create plugs in hairy animals.
  • Does not stain fur, dog beds or furniture.
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  • For maintenance/preventative treatment of ear canals with chronic bacterial otitis.
  • For first line of treatment of non-complicated bacterial otitis.
  • For support therapy for complicated otitis – Favors action of treatments that require an alkaline pH.
  • Controls microorganisms by creating a hostile environment for their development.
  • Can be used as a base for different formulas according to individual needs.

Tromethamine base 0.6%, Tromethamine HCl 0.35%, EDTA 0.12%, Benzyl alcohol 0.3%

Apply as needed to fill ear canal. Gently massage base of ear to loosen wax and debris. Wipe away excess with soft absorbent material.

  • For initial otitis, apply once or twice a day, 15 to 30 minutes before application of treatment specific to ear canal condition.
  • For maintenance, apply once or twice a week as needed.

4 oz / 118 ml
For use in dogs and cats. Do noy use in eyes. Keep out of reach of other animals and children.
Keep out of reach of other animals and children.
Store at room temperature. Protect from freezing.