ABELIA® MalaOtic


ABELIA® MalaOtic

Safe and Effective Otitis Management - Helps Fight Antibiotic and Azole Resistance.
Antimicrobial, cerumenolitic, drying, keratolytic and deodoryzing otic solution for dogs, cats, and small mammals.
To prevent recurrence in chronic conditions (allergies) and first line of defense against Malassezia and mixed infections.

Product description:

  • Cerumenolytic · Drying · pH 4.9-5.3
  • First line non-antibiotic therapy for non-complicated Malassezia and mixed infections.
  • Antibiotic and azoles free:
    • Controls simple otitis without antibiotics and azoles, helping fight resistance.
    • Helps rationalize the use of antibiotics and azole, preserving their efficacy.
  • Cleans, exfoliates and dries the ear canal.
    • Prepares ear canal for optimal ear antibiotic/antifungal treatment.
    • Reduces Malassezia and bacteria overgrowth.
  • Powerful drying action
    • Corrects and prevents moisture inside the ear canal that can lead to yeast and bacterial overgrowth.
  • Exfoliant action:
    • Helps combat infection by eliminating dead cells, giving the active ingredients better contact with deeper skin layers.
    • Regenerates the ear canal by promoting renewal of epithelial cells with powerful cerumenolytic action.
    • Opens ear canal and facilitates ear’s natural cleaning and healing process.
  • Safe:
    • Very low incidence of post-application discomfort.
    • Non-Ototoxic
    • Safe for use with perforated tympanic membrane.
      - Suitable for frequent and long-term use for maintenance.
  • Aqueous, colorless and non-sticking solution:
    • Good distribution, even in stenotic or narrowed ear canals.
    • Does not create plugs in hairy animals.
    • Does not stain fur, dog beds or furniture.
  • Pleasant scent – Helps fight unpleasant ear odor.

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  • For maintenance/preventative treatment of ear canals with:
    • Chronic Malassezia.
    • Excess debilitating moisture.
    • Seborrhea.
    • Excess scaling.
  • For first line of treatment of non-complicated Malassezia and yeast/bacterial otitis.
  • For support therapy for complicated otitis.
  • To soften and emulsify waxy debris for easy removal.
  • To help dry and freshen ear canals, especially in swimming dogs or those who live in a humid environment.
  • For maintaining healthy ear canals with antimicrobial and antifungal effects.
Boric acid 2%, glycolic acid 2%, ceramides 0.5%

Apply as needed to fill ear canal. Gently massage base of ear canal to loosen wax and debris. Wipe away excess with soft absorbent material.

  • For first line of treatment of non-complicated Malassezia and yeast/bacterial otitis – Apply twice a day for 7 to 10 days or until resolution.
  • For support therapy for complicated otitis – Apply once a day until resolution and follow by Rx product (antibiotic/antifungal/steroid solution) 12 hours later. Due to its cleansing, keratolytic, drying and antimicrobial properties, ABELIA® MalaOtic prepares the ear canal for an optimal antibiotic/antifungal treatment.
  • For maintenance or routine flushing in chronic otitis – Apply once a week as a cerumenolytic, keratolytic, drying and antiseptic agent.

4 fl. oz. / 118 ml
8 fl. oz. / 240 ml

For use on dogs, cats, and small mammals. Do not use in eyes.
Keep out of reach of other animals and children.
Store at room temperature. Protect from freezing.